What We Do

Areas of Focus

Bancroft provides complete and comprehensive professional business services; including, but not limited to, business plans, financial projections, employee manuals, website creation and hosting, marketing plans, real estate leases and purchases, and more for companies throughout the state of Nevada.

Website Creation and Hosting

We will design, host and manage a custom website, provide ongoing updates, SSL, at a low monthly rate.  Showcase your business, generate customers, and more.

Buy, Lease, Manage Real Estate

Help you find the “right” commercialoption and location for your business:lease a unit, buy a building, leaseportions of owned space, and more.

Start, Operate or Sell a Business

We can assist you with essentialbusiness tasks: business plans,employee manuals, website creationand hosting, marketing, and more.


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Our Services

Bancroft provides professional services for your business; including, but not limited to, finding you the right commercial building to buy or lease, the creation of your marketing and business plans, and, when ready, walking you smoothly through the sale of your business or commercial real estate.

Website Creation and Leasing

Bancroft will create a professional, hassle-free website with managed server hosting, SSL, and updates at a low, manageable monthly rate. Simply the most efficient option to maximize internet presence and marketing!

Business Plans

We create custom, precise and professional business plans to use as you raise capital, launch a new product, enter a new market, understand your customers better, assess the viability of a new business, and much more.

Business Valuations

Bancroft provides credible, independent third party business valuations for fair market value estimates of businesses involved in a sale, additional financing, expansion, divorce, partner buy out, tax disputes, and more.

Commercial Real Estate Sales

Bancroft will offer guidance throughout all phases of the commercial real estate sales process including positioning existing properties for sale, negotiating all aspects of the transaction, and diligently representing you throughout.

Tenant Leasing Representation

As a Tenant Representative, we will work with you to identify the type of property you are looking for, discuss commitment options, review terminology and expectations, and help you negotiate the best lease for your situation.

Commercial Property Management

We offer comprehensive commercial property management services for a variety of properties such as medical and professional office parks, industrial or warehouse properties, apartments, self-storage facilities, and more.

Property Leasing Services

As commercial leasing agents, we represent building owners who want to rent out space as opposed to selling it. We work with single unit owners or those with an entire portfolio; assisting with planned and unexpected vacancies.

Maintenance Services

Bancroft understands that a clean and well-cared for property is essential to ongoing building appreciation and tenant retention. We oversee a property’s exterior maintenance services to ensure ongoing success.

Business Sales

We oversee and guide you through all aspects of the sale of a business: valuations, advertising without disclosing business identity, initial buyer interviews, negotiations, due diligence investigations, closing process, and more.


How We Excel

Every business is different. Each owner has a unique goal for their business. Every situation is significant. Bancroft was created around and dedicated to identifying the distinctive needs and goals of our clients and then meeting those goals in the most complete and proficient way possible.


Innovative technology enhances everything we do: marketing, management updates, payments, documentation, and more.


You are the expert… only by working together can we properly assess how market availability will meet your business needs.


We strive to provide consistent and professional services; treating all those we work with as we would want to be treated.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you manage commercial properties?

Bancroft’s extensive property management expertise allows us to manage a variety of commercial properties of almost any size or type. We pride ourselves on offering services that are professional, courteous, responsive, flexible, innovative, and tailored to meet our owners’ unique property management needs.

Can you help me lease a commercial property?

We know that a commercial lease is often the best option for a business owner. We will work with you to identify the type of property you are looking to lease (industrial, retail, office, etc…), discuss timeframes and commitment options, review your lease terminology and expectations, and help you negotiate the best lease for your situation.

What is a business plan?

A business plan is a formal statement of a set of business goals, the reasons they are believed attainable, and the plan for reaching those goals. It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals. It is a company’s guidebook for funding, day to day operations, future expansion and eventual sale. Business plans are essential to a company’s clear and profitable growth.

Can you help me buy a business?

Buying a business is so much more than simply choosing an industry that interests you… the professionals at Bancroft will help you determine the type of business you are interested in, how involved you would like the be in the day to day operations, whether a franchise is a viable option, if real estate will should be included with the investment, etc… We will work diligently with you to find the “best” fit for your business investment.


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